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Facials are perfect for de-stressing as well as treating skin concerns and conditions. Our  facial training courses are 1-2-1 in our salon so you can gain as much information as possible and get a real feel for the treatments.

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This course includes

  • skin types and conditions

  • how to face map

  • pricings and timings

  • routine

  • models

  • anatomy

  • muscles 

  • massage routines

  • aftercare

  • marketing

  • health and saftey


Often called the 'exfoliating facial' this beautyful machine facial gently exfoliates away dead skin cells, trapped pores and 'sucks out' all the blackheads. Our one day course includes -

  • models

  • how to use the machine

  • benefits and how to upsell

  • contraindications/contraactions

  • routine

  • grit and speed

  • a detailed how to

  • aftercare

  • massage routine

  • retail

  • your work area

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