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Our new Lifted. Lash & Brow Oil is a cold-pressed 100% natural castor oil and works to moisturise and hydrate eyelashes and brows. Use this castor oil daily to strengthen your eyelashes and eyebrows and promote natural hair growth.

Double-ended for easy application, this 2 in 1 castor oil has a mascara wand (for brows) and a brush (for eyelashes). Apply once daily to encourage stronger and thicker eyelash and brow growth.

The Lifted. Lash & Brow Oil can also help prevent lash breakage which can lead to healthier lashes.

This product is:

  • 16ml (8ml in each end)
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Organic
  • 100% Pure Ricinus Communis Seed Oil
  • Double-ended for easy application for both lashes and brows!


How do you apply castor oil to the eyelashes?

Here’s our guide on how to apply our Lifted. Lash & Brow Oil:

  • Clean the brows and eyelashes so they are free from any makeup/oils.
  • Use the mascara wand end, to brush the castor oil through your brows, applying a small amount.
  • Once applied to the brows, repeat the process on the eyelashes.
  • Using the brush end, gently apply a thin layer of castor oil along the lash line, as if you were applying a serum.
  • Apply the castor oil before bed and wash it off in the morning using warm water.

For best results, apply the oil every evening.

Lifted. Brow and Lash Oil

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