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What effect does alcohol have on your skin?

Did you know? Within 24 hours of drinking alcohol the surface of our skin is inflamed. Exposure to the sun during this time can be damaging and can also result in long term facial redness.

In short, alcohol soaks up all the 'good' fluid in the skin which can increase the appearance of wrinkles and sagging as we age.

Effects of dehydration on the skin can include:

  • dry skin

  • sunken eyes

  • decreased elasticity

  • dry lips

How can we improve our skin? Here are our top tips

  1. Reduce alcohol intake - it takes approximately 3 days for the liver to dispose of toxins

  2. Drink water - Hydration helps the body flush out toxins and replenish the skin cells faster

  3. Cleanse and moisturise - as tired as you may be, remove all makeup and let those pores breathe

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