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Treatments and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of life's most beautiful adventures, with so many joyous milestones to enjoy during the next 9 months and beyond. So many things change during pregnancy, your hormones and skin being just two of them.

The fluctuation in hormones can affect your skin sometimes causing acne and hyperpigmentation (called melasma).

This can cause insecurities and lead you to wonder which skincare products and treatments are safe during this special time. Below is a breakdown of pregnancy and postnatal safe treatments and products:

  • Sugaring is completely safe at any point during your pregnancy

  • Nail Treatments

After 12 weeks:

  • Certain facials - if unsure which facial is best for you always book a CUSTOM FACIAL

  • Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage

Products to avoid during pregnancy

  • Retinoids, which are derived from vitamin A.

  • Hydroquinone- As this prescription-strength compound can be used to lighten areas of skin made darker by melasma, it can be tempting to add this to your pregnancy skincare routine, However, this is also best avoided, due to how easily it can be absorbed by the skin and create potential problems for your baby.

  • Salicylic acid, which regularly appears in toners and cleansers, should be used in moderation during pregnancy. Although most evidence suggests that this is completely safe, pregnant women are advised to stay away from its higher doses, such as that found in some types of chemical peel.

As a general rule of thumb, you should also steer clear of all of these substances when breastfeeding.

PLEASE NOTE: we are not medically trained. If you are unsure always check with your doctor before booking treatments or using products.

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