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Sugaring vs Waxing

Sugaring has been voted the best method of hair removal this is because of it is one of the only treatments that regularises the hair follicle growth.

Once you have reached the stage where you are sugaring fully-grown sugared hairs, the results are outstanding as all hairs are being removed at the same time. You will begin to notice areas where hair no longer grows as a result of the follicle dying. Every time your hair is sugared, you are retarding and diminishing the hair growth.

Sugar Paste is all natural - made of just sugar, lemon and water

All wax products contain rosins, which allows it to stick to the skin, even those claiming to be ‘natural ingredients

Sugar is water soluble meaning no sticky residue

Wax sticks to live skin cells causing bruising, redness and considerably more pain when lifted off

Sugar Paste is applied by hand at just above room temp so there is no chance of burning the skin

Wax can burn the skin as it has to be fairly hot to roll off the spatula and once stuck to the skin can only be removed harshly with a strip

Sugaring reduces broken and ingrowing hairs because it is pliable and wraps itself around the hair shaft while seeping below the mouth of the follicle enabling the hair to be pulled out each time by the root

When wax is applied to the skin, it immediately hardens on the hair and has a tendency to break the hair off at surface level rather than pull it out resulting in much earlier regrowth

Delicate areas can be sugared with no adverse effects

Some areas and skin conditions are to sensitive for wax

Varicose veins, eczema, psoriasis and diabetics can all be sugared

Cannot be waxed

Sugaring is very eco friendly

Many strips and spatulas are used for each client

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