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AUTUMN = PEEL SEASON With reduced sun exposure and less harsh winds Autumn is the perfect time to up your skincare routine- with Peels and other exfoliants being our favourite place to start. Whilst some may be celebrating the cooler days and autumnal leaves were celebrating the coming of Autumn by offering a huge £20 off Chemical Peels in November! If you've been a client of ours for a while you would've heard us mention one of our favourite skin tips- 'you cannot nourish dead skin cells'. Let me explain that... you can use the best, most expensive and extravagant moisturi

sers and serums but, if you're applying them straight onto dead skin cells it will do nothing. Chemical peels are perfect for exfoliating away the weathered layers of summer skin to reveal your autumn glow. Why? Because chemical peels are designed to remove dry and damaged skin from your face to reveal a younger, smoother, more hydrated version of your skin.

  • A series of three = serious results – For optimal skin health and rejuvenation, chemical peels work best when performed in a series. Although you will see some instant benefits post-peel, the real magic happens after multiple visits. With consistent treatment, you’ll experience progressive cumulative benefits for your skin including less acne and breakout activity, a more even complexion, smoother skin texture, reduced signs of aging, and a healthy, radiant glow.

  • Skin transformation with little to no downtime – If the idea of a chemical peel makes you nervous, don’t fret! Today’s chemical peels won’t have you hiding in your house for days on end. At Blush and Beautyful, we believe in peeling while healing. While we know everyone’s skin reacts differently to a peeling treatment, the majority of the action happens at the time of application, as dead skin cells are digested by the peel solution. In the days that follow you may experience some light flaking or micro-peeling, which will quickly subside and give way to rejuvenated, fresh, healthy skin.

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