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Let's talk facials!

Facials can address a number of skin conditions and offer physical and mental benefits and are suitable for most skin types.

Facials use a variety of products, massage techniques and equipment to give you cleaner, healthier, more radiant-looking skin.

So, What are the benefits?

physical benefits include:

less dullness in the complexion

improves skin tone

improves skin texture

reduces age spots

reduces dark spots that can form after acne clears up

can treat melasma, a common issue that forms dark spots or patches on the skin

reduces scars

makeup goes on smoother

mental benefits include:

provides sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity

releases anxiety and stress

increases levels of alertness and concentration

lifts feelings of depression, despondency and desperation

clears perspective

eases mental tiredness

Here at blush and beautyful we offer different types of facials, which include:

Spa facial

Custom facial



Non-Invasive Caboxytherapy

Chemical peel

and Back facials

We recommend having a facial every 4 weeks.

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